8 Healthy Habits To Prevent Low Back Pain

Low back pain, otherwise known as lumbago is a very common symptom that can result from several underlying causes including bad posture, trauma or accident, infections, tumours and age-related degenerative changes of the spine. In the majority of cases, it is due to a problem or an irritation of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, spinal nerves or back muscles. Furthermore, low back pain can be of a sudden onset following an accident or attempt to lift a heavy object. In the same vein, it may also develop over a long time in the case of age-related changes involving the spine.

Statistically, research has shown that about 80% of adults would suffer from low back pain at some point in their lifetime and this condition is a major cause of job-related disability worldwide. If you are presently experiencing low back pain, here are some beneficial health tips in treating or providing considerable relief from this condition:

Avoid sitting for too long
Whenever you sit for hours on end at a desk or watching TV, you are keeping your low back flexed and your back muscles are strained. Researchers at a Norwegian University discovered that teenagers who sat in front of TV or computer for 15 hours or more in a week were three times more likely to suffer from low back pain. Moreover, the way out if you must sit for long is to stretch your body or walk around at intervals to relax your muscles.

Quit Smoking
Numerous studies have shown that smokers are more likely to suffer from low back pain than nonsmokers. Cigarette contains a substance, nicotine which disrupts blood supply to intervertebral discs of the spine leading to a crack or rupture of the discs. Also, smoking slows the healing process and depletes the oxygen supply to the muscles and tendons in the back.

Indulge in Exercise
Numerous evidences have revealed that stretching and strengthening exercises including Yoga often help to speed recovery from chronic low back pain by enhancing the flexibility and strength of the muscle groups that support the lower back. Similarly, studies have shown that low-impact aerobic exercises are good in maintaining the integrity of intervertebral discs. The implication of this is that if you are experiencing low back pain, you need to resist the temptation of confining yourself to prolonged bedrest or avoiding all forms of exercise.

Take more Calcium and Vitamin D
Arguably, the role of calcium and vitamin D in the formation of strong, healthy bones cannot be overemphasised. When your bones are strong, the possibility of suffering from low back pain due to osteoporosis is ruled out. Dietary sources that are rich in calcium and vitamin D include milk, fresh green vegetables, sardines, cheese, oranges, egg yolk and so on.

Mind your Diet
Research has shown that the same diets that are good for your heart, weight and blood sugar are also good for your back and vice-versa. A study that was conducted in Finland discovered that individuals who experienced low back pain were more likely to have clogged the arteries supplying the spine. Furthermore, shortage of nutrient supply to the spine triggers inflammatory responses that may lead to back pain. In view of the foregoing, it’s better to stick to a healthy diet of whole grains, proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits while avoiding excess caffeine and processed fatty diets.

Avoid Heavy Loads
The nature of the jobs a lot of people do is such that they often have to lift, pull or push heavy loads, all of which put a considerable strain on your spine and ultimately set the stage for lower back pain. If you must carry a heavy load, make sure you distribute the weight evenly on both shoulders or arms to avoid tilting to one side and twisting your spine. Preferably, if you can get your hands on a bag with wheels or a rolling cart, it is better for the health of your back.

Change your Shoes
For the ladies, this may not be a really good news. High heels compel you to arch your back and this places a strain on your spinal muscles leading to avoidable back aches. At Lehigh University, 80% of low-back patients who were given lightweight, cushioned and flexible shoes experienced significant relief from their back pain. However, occasional use of those high-heeled shoes is not likely to cause serious harm.

Sleep with a pillow under your knees
It’s been discovered that when you sleep on your back, an estimated 55 pounds of pressure is put on your spine. However, with a pillow under your knees, you reduce that pressure by 50% and decrease your risk of low back pain.

Fixing Personal Branding Errors

When it comes to claimed branding, there absolutely is no adapted or amiss answer. So abundant of it is subjective. However, that doesn’t beggarly that you are butterfingers of authoritative mistakes or of adulatory that you could accept done something better/differently. If you had the adventitious to do it over again, of course, you would apparently do those things differently. Well, even if you did accomplish mistakes, all achievement is not lost. You can still fix what needs to be anchored and move on from there.

Make fixes in a alive manner

When it comes to acclimation the errors that you fabricated in your claimed branding, you will wish to access it evidently and methodically. There are several aspects of your claimed cast that you will wish to appraise and, hopefully, you will be able to analyze whatever needs to be corrected.

  • You wish to accomplish abiding that your acceptability is intact: If you aren’t abiding what added humans are traveling to acquisition if they seek for you (personally), you should seek for yourself. The top items on the seek engine should be absolute about you. Additionally, those items should accept amount and they should advice to enhance your acceptability and addition your credibility. If you see that it is not the case, go aback to those items and enhance them until they appearance you in a added absolute light.
  • Entertainment against business value: It is actual important that you accept the antithesis amid acceptable amount and the adeptness to absorb with your claimed brand. You don’t wish to accept added of one than the other. Of course, if you don’t accept abundant on the ball side, added humans may not abide interested. On the added hand, if you don’t accept abundant on the value/marketing side, from a business perspective, humans may be entertained/amused but they may airing abroad activity that they don’t accept abundant to appearance for it.
  • Don’t go overboard: There is absolutely amount in revisiting the agreeable that is affiliated to your claimed cast so that it reads better. However, overediting is absolutely not a acceptable abstraction in general. The endure affair that you wish to do is to adapt so abundant that you lose yourself and what you angle for in the process. It is important to appearance your vulnerable/human ancillary but, at the aforementioned time, to authenticate how admired you are professionally and how your ability can advice added people.
  • Marry your claimed and able brands: The accuracy is that there is a able affiliation amid your claimed and able brands. They are two locations of you and those locations should accept at atomic a alert affiliation for added humans to embrace. If you are communicating letters from both brands, they should be synchronized. You absolutely can’t abstracted the two anyway. The best that you can do is to accomplish abiding that they abide in harmony.
  • Make abiding that your amusing media profiles are current: The profiles are acutely important to your claimed brand. They must be kept current. That agency that you amend your cachet periodically (at reasonable intervals), change your photo if it isn’t adapted or is not almost new, etc. You will wish to plan on all of your amusing media profiles. Humans will absolutely apprehension if you don’t accumulate them current.
  • Make abiding that your photo is appropriate: First of all, accomplish abiding that you accept a photo which humans can analyze with your claimed brand. Second, it should be an adapted photo. That agency that it should be a able headshot. It shouldn’t be you with your cat, your logo instead of your face, you bubbler in a bar or at a party, etc. After all, even admitting you are alive on your claimed brand, you wish humans to bethink you in the adapted way because there will absolutely be crossover to your able cast and persona.
  • Make abiding that your bio is what it should be: Your bio should be abundant abundant so that added humans are able to get a faculty of who you are and what you accept in. On the added hand, you don’t wish to go on and on to the point area the added being has no backbone to accumulate reading. However, you should absolutely highlight your accomplishments because not alone are you appreciative of them but they add amount to you and added humans will accept the compassionate that you are anyone with whom they should anatomy a accord and interact.
  • Always be yourself: Authenticity is an capital allotment of your claimed brand. If you are not authentic, humans will apperceive it and they will not wish to affix with you. You absolutely don’t wish that to happen. The absoluteness is that you will not be able to accept a acknowledged accord with anybody but you wish your relationships with those humans who wish to be affiliated to you to be solid and enduring.


All of the elements listed aloft are important for your claimed brand. Getting your claimed cast in the appearance that you wish it to be will yield time and plan but it will be able-bodied account it for you. You should accumulate in apperception that your claimed cast will yield you actual far in business. It is absolutely important for you to accept your ambition admirers and to do your best to accord them what they wish and need. If you accord them your best, you will get it aback in full.

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